Research article


Mr. Kiran B. Patil, Dr. Mrs. Madhuri S. Patil

Online First: September 20, 2023

Curry-leaf tree, has been cherished for centuries due to the culinary and medical benefits it provides to people around the world. The phytochemical make-up and antibacterial activity of Murraya koenigii leaf extracts are thoroughly explored in this work. The study's overarching objective was to identify the bioactive chemicals present in the leaves and evaluate their efficacy as antimicrobials. Alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, and phenolic chemicals were found, among many others, in a phytochemical investigation of the plant's secondary metabolites. The antibacterial activities of Murraya koenigii leaves have been previously documented, and our research has pinpointed the individual phytochemicals responsible for these effects. These results point to a wealth of phytochemicals in the curry-leaf tree, which may account for its historical use in medicine. The leaf extracts were tested in antimicrobial assays to see how effective they were at inhibiting the growth of a variety of harmful germs. Antimicrobial activity was found to be quite high in comparison to other strains of bacteria and fungi tested. Concentration-dependent inhibitory results further support the promise of Murraya koenigii leaf extracts as all-natural antibacterial agents. Understanding the phytochemical make-up of Murraya koenigii leaves and their antibacterial activities is advanced by this study. These results highlight the importance of this plant to the pharmaceutical, herbal medicine, and food preservation industries as a source of bioactive chemicals. Furthermore, this study opens up new options for research in the fields of natural product chemistry and antimicrobial medication development by laying the groundwork for further exploration into the mechanisms of action and therapeutic applications of these natural chemicals.


Curry-Leaf Tree, Murraya koenigii, Phytochemicals, Antimicrobial Activity, Natural Products, Secondary Metabolites.